- personal shift plans in seconds will display a calendar for most fixed-cycle shift patterns.

Please enter your shift pattern*:
You may enter a key for each color
White grAy
Red Green
Blue Yellow
Purple Orange
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*Your shift pattern may include the first letters of the following calendar colors:

White grAy Red Green Blue Yellow Purple Orange

The - (hyphon) character will also display as White (usually used for a rest day)

Example 1

Shift pattern is two earlies, two lates and three days off,

Let's use Yellow for earlies, Green for lates, pattern would be YYGG---

Example 2

Shift pattern of two earlies, two lates, two off, two days, two nights, three off

Let's add Blue for days and Purple for nights, so your pattern would be YYGG--BBPP---

Printing your Shift Plan

With default settings Internet Explorer will not print the background colours for your shift plan. To enable background colour printing take the following steps:

  1. Select Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down to the Printing options
  4. Turn on Print background colors and images